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Evosus + eCommerce

Evosus is great. WooCommerce is great. However, the data gap between these two services is tremendous. We’re here to help!

With our eCommerce Connector, we will connect these two important platforms and their shared data, allowing you to save your staff’s time spent manually sharing the data. We offer subscription levels to fit any business size.


Our User Guide is super handy for curious minds who want to see inside before they subscribe. Download it today.

Solution Based Features

We know you’ve been looking for a way to solve your point of sale and
web store connection issues. We’re providing the solution.

Manage Orders

Review orders, push them to Evosus, and apply payments right in the plugin.

Product Sync

Create and update your products from Evosus that are sold in your webstore.


Access to the best support staff in the industry. We can also provide custom support options for our clients.

WP Plugin

With our plugin stored in your WordPress account, updates are simple and easy to complete.

Simple as 1, 2, 3

We’ve made getting started as simple as possible. Subscribe to the plugin product you want then it’s click, click, and done.

Select & subscribe

Download our zipped package, upload it to WordPress, activate the plugin, and you’re ready to go! Be sure to read the User Guide for setup instructions.

Add your plugin settings

Next you will be instructed to add your Evosus and WooCommerce API information in to the plugin settings to connect the required services.

Import your assets

To finish your setup you will need to add all of your products to the plugin. This is a simple search and select process within the plugin.

A Subscription That Fits

We work with a variety of business sizes, and each is unique in their needs. We offer our products in varying degrees of service sizes so you can scale with confidence.


Product Counts               Up to 200

Product Syncs                 1x Daily

Pick a payment plan and subscribe today!


Product Counts               up to 500

Product Syncs                 3x Daily

Pick a payment plan and subscribe today!


Product Counts               up to 1000

Product Syncs                 6x Daily

Pick a payment plan and subscribe today!


Product Counts              Unlimited

Product Syncs                Unlimited

Speak to a sales team member today to get pricing!

Not sure which subscription level might be best for your company?

We work with businesses of all sizes which means we know how to adapt our products to fit every business size. Connect with one of our amazing account executives to see how we can help!

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